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Join AIJA 2014 Congress in Prague? A no-Brainer!

Irrespective of its location, an AIJA congress is a totally unique experience. One gets to meet 600 young career-building lawyers from all around the world, visit wonderful venues, experience home hospitality from local colleagues, and last but not least, enjoy a high-quality scientific program. But why would people specifically want to go to Prague?

For its unique location in the heart of Europe!
Prague is easily accessible from anywhere by air, rail or road. Václav Havel Prague international airport operates flights from all major international destinations. European lawyers can reach Prague by car or train within a couple of hours.

For the history!
Prague has been the political, cultural and economic capital of central Europe since its foundation more than 1,100 years ago.

For the beer!
Who has never heard of “Budweiser” and “Pilsner”. Originating from the names of two Czech cities, these words are eponymous for quality beer in many countries around the world. And it is easy to understand why: Czech beer is simply THE BEST! excellent – and amazingly affordable…

For the culture!
Prague offers beautiful city boasts, more than ten major museums, as well as numerous theatres, galleries, cinemas and other historical exhibits.

For its cosmopolitan flair!
With its rich history and international flair, it’s easy to understand why the city’s large expat community simply cannot leave…

Because everything is within walking distance!
This is what AIJA participants love: everything easily accessible in a matter of minutes… So practical!

To fall in love!
We do not guarantee that you will fall in love with someone you meet in Prague. But we do guarantee you will fall in love with Prague right after you walk from the Old Town Square over the Charles Bridge up to the Prague Castle.

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