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The 52nd Annual Congress to be held in Prague promises to be full of excellent content. For us it will be a challenge but a joy, no doubt (!), to coordinate all the commissions’ eff orts. We are looking forward to the Congress in Prague in many ways. The preparations, the deadlines, the building, shaping, supporting, chasing and the cooperation with so many of you, and then… the results! We are already very excited about our excellent group of General Reporters. They will be the key to many excellent speaker slots, workshops and working sessions, lively debate and so on.

Please travel with us on the road to success on the AIJA website where we will update you on the many topics that this annual Congress will cover. We as your Working Coordinators together with our General Reporters will do our outmost to insure that there will be interesting material for all law professionals.

Be sure to join us.

Martine Hoogendoorn and Justus Jansen

Scientific Program Coordinators


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