Home Hospitality Dinner

Be a host/guest for one evening and win new colleagues, maybe new friends from abroad!

Home Hospitality – an exciting event held at the AIJA Annual Congress 26-30 August 2014 – Prague

The Annual Congress of AIJA in Buenos Aires 2013 is over and the next one in Prague is already approaching. You can take part in this unique annual event held this time in the heart of Europe, in the Czech Republic. One of the opportunities where you can taste the real atmosphere of the Congress is to take part in the Home Hospitality Dinner.

The Home Hospitality is based on the invitation of a group (normally 4-8) of participants of the Congress by local lawyers to their homes for a dinner. It is a traditional and very popular function of the social program. This year it will take place on 28th August.

The main idea of the Home Hospitality is to get together with colleagues from abroad, meet in an informal environment people who just do the same job but in another country, make new friends and have fun. It is typically one of the highlights of the event.

Do you want to become a host and open the doors of your place to colleagues from all over the world? Are you willing to show the best of Czech culture and cuisine? There are only a few conditions for becoming a host:

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  1. You need to be a lawyer
  2. Your home address needs to be in Prague or nearby
  3. You need to be able to hold a conversation with your guests in English
  4. You need to be free on 28 August 2014 between 6 and 11 pm and be able to prepare/arrange the dinner for your guests
  5. You need to be friendly and in a great mood!

All participants and hosts will then gather together at the after-party which will be organised in one of the best Prague music clubs.

If you are interested in hosting a dinner at your place, please do not hesitate to contact the Organizing Committee Team (contact person for the Home Hospitality: Eva Ropková, Tel. +420 774 906 019) or send us back the Registration form duly completed.

Your OC Team AIJA Prague 2014