Pre-Congress Seminar

The future of Arbitration and ADR Practice in Central and Eastern European Countries

Reviewing recent developments and current trends in the international arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) arena, the seminar will analyse current best practices concentrating on Central and Eastern Europe. What can Central and Eastern European countries teach us? Is there still any material diff erence in arbitration practice between Western and Central/Eastern Europe countries? What to expect when enforcing arbitral awards in Central and Eastern European countries? Is there room for general online procedures in arbitration and ADR? Along these lines, the Seminar will also provide you with an insight analysis of system and mechanisms at the Czech Arbitration Court operating as the dispute resolution provider for .eu domain names.

Commissions : International Arbitration, Intellectual Property, Technology, Media, and Telecommunications


Michelangelo Cicogna, Mark Oliver Kühn, Eva Indruchová

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Seminar presentations:

AIJA President Presentation

Panel presentation

Case Study

Presentation_Peter Hostas


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